Department of Energy
Regd. Office: Engineering Building : HEC : Dhurwa : Ranchi - 834004

Application Form for Approval of the Electrical Inspector to Energise the HV/EHV
apparatus/installations under Rule 47A & 63 of I.E. Rules 1956
Application Details 
Name of Installation(s):
Installation Type:
Brief Details:
Name of Applicant/Organisation
Mobile No.
Nodal Officer
Phone No.
Mobile No.
Short Circuit fault level of the installations:
Interrupting capacity of Circuit Breakers:
Minimum clearance of the bare conductor
from the ground:
Whether all relevant provisions of the I.E.
Rules, 1956 have been duly complied with?
Whether the installations has been completed,
connected and ready for energisation
Yes      No
Target Date:
Dates when inspection can be carried out:
Inspection fee to be deposited in favour of "Electrical Inspector, Ranchi" Payble at Ranchi through a Demand Draft
DD No.:     Dated:     Amount:
Enclose the following during the time of Inspection:
(a). Drawing showing the location, layout, elevation and section
(b). Single Line Diagram with metering & protection
(c). List of equipment giving quantity, KW/KVA capacity, voltage, brief name plate data
(d). List of protection devices schemes for each of the following apparatus:
  (i).Transformers (ii). Motors (iii). Bus bars Generators(iv). Reactors(v). Others
(e). Drawing of earthing electrodes/mat
(f). Copy of site test results Equipment wise:
(i).Insulation resistance test (ii). Earth resistance testiii). High Voltage test(iv).Polarity test
(v). Primary Injection testvi). Secondary Injection and protection trip test
(vii).Relay calibration test(viii). Annunciation testix). Function, sequence and interlok test
(x).Dielectric test (xi). OCC/SCC tests of Generator xii). Excitation system and AVR test
(xiii).Protection stability and direction test (xiv). Voltage ration and vector group test
(g). Copy of manufacturers routine test certificate for each equipment and cables
(h). Copy of
(i). Contractors License       (ii). Electrical Supervisor Competency Certificate      
(iii). In case the work sublet to another contractor (i) & (ii) for subcontractor to be submitted.
(1) Application for inspection HV lines / EHV lines shall be submitted at least one month in advance of expected date of completion of works to concerned office alongwith required amount of inspection fee.