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Application form for Approval of the Electrical Inspector to Energise the HV/EHV
Overhead Transmission Lines and Underground Cables etc. under Rules 63 of the I.E. Rules 1956
Application Details 
Name of the feeder/overhead line:
Name of Applicant/Organisation
Mobile No.
Nodal Officer
Phone No.
Mobile No.
Status of works:
(a) If completed
(furnish completion certificate)
Yes      No
If not completed (Furnish target date and dates when inspection can be carried out)
Target Date:
Dates when inspection can be carried out:
Route length of the Line(KM):
Size of    (a) Conductor :     (b) Ground Wire:
Span (meter)   (a) Average :      (b) Minimum: (c) Maximum:
Minimum clearance to ground (meter)
a) At Normal spans:
b) At Road crossing:
i) National Highway:     ii) State Highway     iii) Other Roads:
Minimum clearance at:
a) Power Lines Crossing:       
b) At Railway crossing:  c) At River crossing:  d) At special crossing(if any):
Minimum calculated factor of safety for(Conductor and Towers):
Whether the following have been duly provided?
(a) Anti-climbing devices:    (b) Danger Board:
(c) Protection against lightening faults(furnish details):
(d) Protection against ground faults(furnish details):
(e) Protection against snapped conductors(furnish details):
(f) Other protections provided(if any):
Tests results of the Earth resistance of Tower footing:    
(Enclose result of each Tower)
Voltage regulation at the end of the Line:    
Whether all relevant provisions of IE Rules, 1956 have been compiled with in every respect:
Name of Sub station/Switching station:
Number of Bay:
Number at which the overhead line/feeder is terminating on either end:
Whether the application for inspection of associated Substation/Bays has been submitted and substation/bays are ready for inspection:
Enclose the following:
(a) Copy of : (i). Contractors License       (ii). Electrical Supervisor Competency Certificate      
(iii). In case the work sublet to another contractor (i) & (ii) for subcontractor to be submitted.
(b). Copy of NOC of Railways
(c). Copy of approval of PTCC
(d). Copy of NOC of SEB (for power line crossing)
(e). Copy of forest clearance
(f). Drawing showing the run of the cables and methods of layout of the cables/Route of transmission Line on state map
(g). Line schedule giving details of Tower type, angle of deviation span length and important features
such as Road(NH/SH/Other), telegraph line, River, Canel, Railway or power line (400/220/132/66/33/11/.433/.230kV) crossing and distance from the nearest Airport.
(h). Copies of manufacturer's tests certificates in respect of conductor, groundwire Insulator Discs, Towers (Proto/Destructive) and hardware fittings.
(i) Drawings for anti-climbing devices, Danger Notice Boards, Number plates, Birdguards, Earthing System(pipe type/counter poise)
(j) Details of crossings (Ref. Sl. No.8)
SL. No. Type of CrossingNos.Tower LocationsApproached from
Inspection fee to be deposited in favour of "Electrical Inspector, Ranchi" Payble at Ranchi through a Demand Draft
DD No.:     Dated:     Amount: