Power and Duties of Officers

In exercise of the power conferred by Sub rule 1(a) of Rules 46 of the Indian Electricity Rules, 1956, Inspections of various types of electric installation connected to the supply system of the suppiler, Granting permission and No objection cerficates are to be issued by the officers of the Electrical Inspector etc.
Some of them are specified as below.

1. Periodical Inspection of low medium voltage Electrical Installations.
2. Inspection, approval, and granting no objection certificate for temporary Electrical Installations at public places.
3. Inspection and permission for charging high and extra high voltage installation of consumer and licensee under rules 63 of I.E. Rules 1956.
4. Inspection and granting permission of commissioning generating plant installations (capacity above 10 KVA) under rule 47A of I.E. Rules 1956.
5. Inspection and granting permission for energizing Electrial installation for multistorey building (having height more the 15 mtrs.)
6. Inspection and issue of no objection certificate to commensurate Electrical supply to Electrical Installation of.
i) Cinema Talkies – permanent/ quasi permanent/temporary
ii) Video Talkies
iii) Circus/Public Entertainment places.

Organisation Function and Duty of Electrical Inspectorate

The objective of Jharkhand Elecatrical Inspectorate is to ensure electrical safety and accident free electrical installation in the state of jharkhand and same is the mission of jharkhand electrical inspectorate. The Electrical Inspectorate is a statutory creation under the Indian electricity act 1910.
It is a part of the energy department of the govt. of jharkhand. It functions under the administrative control of the energy department, govt. of jharkhand.

The Jharkhand Elecatrical Inspectorate exercises the power and performs functions as specified in the following act and rules /regulations as given have under:-
1. The electricity act 2003.
2. The Indian electricity rules 1956.
3. The Jharkhand Electrical Licensing Board 2002.

The following services are rendred at the office elecrical inspectorate, govt. of jharkhand.
1. Approval of drawing of EHV/HV/Generator Installation.
2. Annual Inspection of all EHV/HV/MV Consumers Installation under rule 46 of I.E. Rule 1956.
3. Inspection and Issue of Statuatory approvals for EHV and HV Installation of Consumers under rule 63 of the Electricity rule 1956.
4. Inspection and issue of statutory approvals for Generator Installation more than 10 KVA under Rule 47A of Indian Electricity rule of 1956.
5. Investigation of Fatal and non-fatal electrical accidents.